Technology Summary

Pinneco Core® represents a revolutionary, eco-friendly, synthetic insulation technology that features a breathable membrane and fiber layers fused together permanently by a CoreFusionTM process; effectively magnifies the thermal and moisture control ability, while providing structural support. Pinneco Core®  is known for its revolutionary design, maximum warmth, optimal dryness and eco engineering. The four key features to this technology are:


Beeler Gulch SL

Traditional Mummy SL Series Synthetic
0 ̊F/ -18 ̊C

Product Summary / Girth and Size

  • Traditionally insulated bags designed without the integrated pad sleeve (found on Big Agnes System bags)
  • bluesign® certified insulation material
  • Pinneco Core® synthetic insulation , insulation technology made from short-stapled fiber insulation layers. Features CoreScreen™, a breathable membrane. This membrane is laminated onto insulation layers through a patented process called CoreFusion™. The CoreScreen™ membrane works as virtual air pump, actively drawing moisture away while retaining warmth within. This membrane-fused insulation utilizes body movements to compress the insulation system and push moisture through the breathable membrane.
  • Insotect Tubic™ Vertical Baffle Construction combines the presence of Vertical Thermal Channel™ (VTC) and Insotect’s proprietary DualVault™ system component, alongside with the Pinneco Core® technology, into one complete insulation system. The tubular-shaped channels allows for the vertical and arched insulation fibers to deliver its maximum loft. Air is better trapped and weight is better decreased.